Argentine Tango Playlist

Hello Tango Dancers,

Hope you’ve been enjoying your tango classes, and the tango CDs that I gave out. Sorry for the delay, here’s the names of the songs / artists from those CDs…
Sadly different CDs had slightly different orders / songs, so this may not be the order of your CD. But hopefully this will help you find new music if you want even more tango to dance to:

El choclo / A.G. Villoldo, E.S. Discepolo & J.C. Marambio Catàn,
La cumparsita / Matgos Rodrìguez, E. MAroni & P. Contrusi
Caminito / J.D. Filiberto & G. Coria Penàloza
Quejas de bandoneòn / Juan de dios Filiberto
Tango del atardecer / Lalo Schifrin
Calambre / Astor Piazolla
La yumba / Osvaldo Pugliese
Nostalgias – J.C. Cobian & E. Cadicamo
A Don Augustìn Bardi / Horacio A. Salgàn
Recuerdo / Osvaldo Pugliese & E. Moreno
A fuego lento / Horacio A. Salgàn
Tango Ciudad / Tango Fuego
santa maria (del buen ayre) / Gotan Project
Libertango / Bond
Tango para prcusiòn / Lalo Schifrin
una musica brutal / Gotan Project

By the way, there is an awesome free application called “Tunatic” that you can download. It’s very good at identifying songs (even if random genres) and telling you the name of the track and artist.

See y’all in class on Tuesday at 7…

If you have favorite tango songs that you like to dance to – please comment below!

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